How we help

Legacy began 90 years ago in World War I, when a dying soldier uttered the words to his mate, “…look after the missus and kids”.

Across Australia, we assist more than 70,000 widows, and children who have lost a parent or spouse. Legacy cares for widows of WWI and WWI veterans through to families of young veterans, including those where a parent has been injured or is dealing with mental health issues as a result of their service, both in conflicts and peacekeeping operations.

We support these families through practical programs, such as providing relief from financial hardship, advocating for entitlements, assisting with children’s education and development and promoting social inclusion through group camps and social outings.

For as long as Australian servicemen and women risk their lives for our nation, Legacy will be there for their families.

Legacy receives less than one per cent of our funds from the government and relies on the support and generosity of the public to help us keep the promise to always look after those left behind.