For every serving Australian, there’s more than one life at stake.

Legacy Week 2-8 September

100,000 +

Australian service men and women lost in all conflicts


present-day widows and children currently being helped by Legacy


volunteers (named Legatees)


The year Legacy began

100 Years

since the end of WWI

1 Promise

Kept for 94 years.

Legacy cares for the families of those who served their country.

We ensure that no dependant of an Australian Defence Force member suffers financial or social disadvantage as a result of the operational death or incapacity of their family member. Read More.

William would give anything to have his dad back.

He was only four when his dad passed away from brain cancer caused by a powerful navy radar.

Like so many of the families we support, William’s story is a painful one. Now 15 years of age, William says: ‘I don’t remember much about my dad. There are days when I can’t even remember his voice.’

William will never have another moment with his dad.

There have been so many moments where William wished his dad was around. Your kindness can help us take care of the loved ones our servicemen and women leave behind.

Legacy Week is Australia’s iconic fundraising campaign which began in 1942. For more than 75 years, badges have been offered as a token of appreciation for donations made by the public.

Legacy relies on donations from generous people like you.

Your tax deductible donation will help Legacy to care for the families of those who served their country.

ABN: 59 203 621 448

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